Think you need a CFO?

A CFO’s responsibilities include managing mergers or acquisitions, budgeting and making sound predictions, and most important strategy. A CFO has a profound understanding of your business model and your banking relationships, formulates comprehensive financial and management reports, collaborates with your board of directors, supervises tax planning, and sets policies around controls and payroll, and works […]

Why Outsourcing is becoming a Necessity in Today’s Market.

In lieu of the fact that it does not prove the competency of the firm, it is more productive to outsource them in order to save both time and money. This article will explain the importance in o out sourcing the finance and accounting services. A company’s finance department has a wide range of services […]

Planning Your Exit Strategy

There reaches a point in the lifecycle of a startup when entrepreneurs and shareholders face a dilemma: give up all or part of their stake in the company – an “exit” – or continue to actively grow the business. We often associate an “exit” with selling the startup to a large company or exercising stock […]

How Do You Know When Your Startup Should Start Working with a Chief Financial Officer?

Entrepreneurs tend to use a controller to handle the financial aspects of their business, and frequently are happy with the services they receive. Firms offering these services usually provide solutions that focus on bookkeeping, reporting to the tax authorities, preparing profit-and-loss statements, etc. But do these basic financial control services meet your startup’s current needs, […]

What Will 2021 Look Like? Insight from the Experts

“2020 was certainly a dramatic ride! And with the insanity of that year now behind us, it’s time to look ahead and ask: What can we expect to see in 2021? At Profitian, we asked some of Israel’s leading financial and legal professionals. Here are a few of their insights: As soon as the world […]